• Colbie Caillat - Breakthrough [Deluxe Edition][320k] - [专辑]




    Artist: Colbie Caillat
    Title Of Album: Breakthrough
    Year Of Release: August 25, 2009
    Label: Unversal Republic / EMI
    Genre: Pop / Acoustic

    1. I Won't 3:47
    2. Begin Again 4:16
    3. You Got Me 4:02
    4. Fallin' For You 3:37
    5. Rainbow 3:58
    6. Droplets feat. Jason Reeves 3:26
    7. I Never Told You 3:55
    8. Fearless 5:07
    9. Runnin' Around 3:49
    10. Break Through 3:40
    11. It Stops Today 3:49
    12. Breakin' at The Cracks 5:43
    13. Lucky with Jason Mraz 3:12

    Bonus Tracks:
    14. What I Wanted To Say (Bonus)
    15. Out Of My Mind (Bonus)
    16. Don’t Hold Me Down (Bonus)
    17. Never Let You Go (Bonus)
    18. Stay With Me (Bonus)

    Breakthrough is the second studio album by Colbie Caillat. The album will be released on August 25, 2009 in the US through Universal Republic.Caillat worked with many producers, songwriters, and artists on the new album, including Grammy winning songwriters and producers such as Rick Nowels, John Shanks, and the acclaimed songwriter and 2009 American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi. Caillat set up a hi-octane 'writing camp' in Hawaii last year, inviting familiar collaborators Jason Reeves and Mikal Blue (who co-produced/co-wrote her debut album) and Kara DioGuardi to the "camp". Caillat and her team wrote 50 songs for the album and recorded 20. In March/April, 2009, she played the songs for a small group of fans to help her determine the final 12-15 that would make the album. Caillat commented in mid-June, 2009, stating that, "In making Coco, I put a lot of songs on my MySpace page and listened to what my fans had to say about each. I really want to keep them in on the process with me this time around like with the first album. We are a great team!"


    相隔两年多,蔻比终于推出新作【Breakthrough】,新专辑加入了很多重量级制作人,其中就包括了曾获得格莱美最佳歌曲创作的Rick Nowels,John Shanks (雪瑞儿可洛/邦乔飞/艾拉妮斯莫莉塞特),以及著名作曲家也是2009年美国偶像评委Kara DioGuardi。还有另一位生力军Ken Caillat,也就是蔻比的制作人父亲。首支单曲"Fallin' For You"一推出便拿下iTune单曲榜亚军,并连续三周登上美国Hot AC/Triple A电台的Greatest Gainer榜首。