• Adie - Just You and Me - [专辑]




    ARTIST: Adie

    TITLE: Just You and Me

    Release Date: 2010.3.09

    Genre: Pop/Christian



    1. Where Could I Go

    2. All I Need Is You

    3. Beautiful Lord

    4. Love Come Down (Reach)

    5. Soon

    6. Seek You

    7. Shelter

    8. Redemption Song

    9. Oh You Bring

    10. Only You

    11. Captivate Us (Bonus Track)






    Adie Camp delivers her sophomore album "Just You and Me," as a follow up to her debut "Don't Wait." This album lives a bit more in the

    "worship" category with tracks like "Beautiful Lord," "Soon," "Redemption Song" and "Only You." When asked about the theme of this

    album, Adie explained " Truly learning what it is to seek the Lord with all my heart and sitting at His feet without things being a

    distraction to me. I want to grow so much more and learn what it is to really worship Him in spirit and truth. He has shown Himself

    strong for me and truly been my shelter and my hope in the middle of some hard life experiences. I chose songs that resonate with what God

    has been showing me and they're meaning more and more as I go along."