• Weezer - Hurley [Deluxe Edition] - [专辑]




    Artist: Weezer
    Album: Hurley (Deluxe Edition)
    Label: Epitaph
    Genre: Indie
    Release Date: 2010-09-06
    Store Date: 2010-09-14
    Source: CD
    Cat Nr: Encoder: Lame 3.97 (-V2 --vbr-new)
    Quality: 187kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo


    1. Memories 3:16
    2. Ruling Me 3:29
    3. Trainwrecks 3:21
    4. Unspoken 3:00
    5. Where's My Sex? 3:28
    6. Run Away 2:55
    7. Hang On 3:33
    8. Smart Girls 3:10
    9. Brave New World 3:56
    10.Time Flies 4:04
    11.All My Friends Are Insects 1:53
    12.Viva La Vida 4:06
    13.I Want To Be Something 2:56
    14.Represent (Rocked Out Mix) 4:12

    Release notes:

    Weezer return to their indie rock roots on Hurley, their first release on
    Epitaph and the start of a new chapter in the band's storied career. In many
    ways, Weezer have always been the unlikeliest of pop rock bands, earning major
    radio and video play for leftfield singles like "Undone The Sweater Song" and
    "Buddy Holly," songs that hardly seem calculated to become radio hits. It is
    exactly this "uncalculated" quality that the band returns to on their eighth
    album. Hurley is as warm and embracing as the glowing smile on actor Jorge
    Garcia's face that graces the cover, as ragged and endearing as fan favorite
    Pinkerton, as bold and hooky and open as "Pork and Beans." In other words
    Hurley is in the classic tradition of the best Weezer albums, clever and
    confessional and quirky and hugely sing along